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Visual Impact Muscle Building Review - Warm Up Exercises

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TRX Warm-up (warm-up)

First TRX squats for 30 seconds

Second TRX straps (low row) in a slight backward for 30 seconds

Third TRX combination "pick-up + squat" in a slight backward for 30 seconds

4th TRX Lunges (right / left foot) with rope denim for 30 seconds

5th TRX Lunges (right / left foot) is zap denim for 30 seconds

The main booster stage

First TRX squats

Basic rules for the implementation of this exercise - a slight backward bend of the whole body, reinforced middle of the body, active stomach, shoulders pulled down and back, head erect, with a hint of passive phase (squat to the level of a right angle at the knee), shifting the hips back squat much for themselves - feeling attitudes still on their visual impact muscle building blog heels, with gratings active phase (stand up from squatting to standing).
The main load-bearing muscles - front and back of your thighs, glutei muscles

The execution time of exercise - 45 seconds (briskly)
Possible variation - endurance squatting for 5 - 10 to 15 seconds, or jump squats with

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