Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Teen Walks In A Rocking Chair Pros And Cons Of Experiments With Simulators

Puberty teaches teen parents a lot of surprises-imagine the situation: sonny began to disappear after school periodically fire visual impact muscle building  intermittently money, does not say where and who goes ...

Do you think drugs? No! These are symptoms of a fitness fever - your toddler decided to blind themselves from adult male and gone ... the gym! Feel the biceps - the rise? Good! However tyaganiya iron, like anything else, there is a downside. Let's examine the pros and cons of teenage experiments with simulators.

Help us in this Dyslectic Andrew, director of sports nutrition store "Rustle."Young people aged 16-18 years is a very rapid growth: the bones grow faster than the tendons and muscles - even faster than the bone. But not strong "new" About Rusty Moore  muscle and bone and ligaments rather vulnerable.

From this it follows that all loads must be very strict dosing. The main task of the young men and their coaches - at a young age not to tire the body.After all, not only that the whole body is growing by leaps and bounds, his head still lives youthful maximality: in 16 years, all the visitors 'rocking' want to be a week Schwarzenegger. Hence the problem: young people take a lot of weight, torn tendons and muscles - and are slow to recover.
What is a good coach?

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